Which eating habits result in obesity?

Are You one of those who try to lose weight all the time, or after losing weight, regains kilos soon? Supposedly, bad habits actually take place in Your life preventing You from losing weight or even cause obesity.

For example, You consume more food as You get distracted while eating, and, consequently, take more calories. Did You know that the plate size affects the amount of food eaten? Keep reading – you’ll find out about some habits, ought to be changed, in order to reach Your goal.

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Eating habits, preventing from losing weight

  1. Are You aware of how many calories You are consuming daily? A variety of factors, provoking obesity, exist, but the principal one is the consumption of more calories than you’re burning during the day. Nearly 2000 kcal per day are meant to be the standard for the person usually having moderate physical activity. Try controlling the nutritional value of groceries – it’s easy to make in the mobile app, designed to count calories.
  2. Eat from giant plates. When it comes to tableware, size matters a lot.If the plate looks big, it’s doubtful that you’ll sense satiety. Try out to use small dishes capable of holding a small portion.
  3. Do the groceries without a list. Drawing up the list beforehand, You remember about weight loss and promise Yourself to buy only healthy groceries. Having the list on hand in the supermarket makes it harder to get tempted. Stick to the list to avoid spontaneous and inconsiderate purchases.
  4. You don’t have a meal plan. Stick to a healthy eating plan: three large meals with two snacks, six small meals, or another plan, ideal for Your lifestyle. Try to make a meal in advance and, no matter what, stick to the planned diet. One of the causes of obesity is a wrong eating time schedule, too large and large portions and snacks on the go.
  5. Eating oftentimes outdoors. More calories are usually consumed in cafes and restaurants (especially in fast-food restaurants). If there’s a chance, the best way is to make a home-cooked meal as often as possible. Prepare food beforehand to make sticking to own diet easier on school and working days.
  6. Get distracted while eating. Social networks, media and other amusements may cause obesity. When being distracted, it’s easier to consume more. It’s critical to pay proper attention to what You eat. Make sure Your goal is to enjoy food: turn the phone off, get focused on what You’re eating, chew all the bites thoroughly, enjoy your meal!
  7. Consume liquid calories. Give preference to potable water. Forget about juices, sweetened beverages and sodas. Try to exclude coffee with cream, caramel or whipped cream, tea with a high sugar content from your diet. Uncontrolled consumption of liquid kcal can cause obesity.
  8. Eat at night. Eating too late can affect Your digestion. Try hard to eat dinner at least 2 hours before sleeping. In case of insomnia, don’t try to fix it with food, better read a book or listen to relaxing music.
  9. Emotional eating. We are more likely to look into the fridge because of boredom or stress. Stay aware of Your nutrition and eat only when You feel hungry. Try hard to drink a glass of water every time You want to eat being emotional or bored.
  10. Sugar overconsumption. If You have a sweet tooth, why don’t You opt for fruits?

Other bad habits:

We always take care of ourselves, but sometimes reflexively we make things that we don’t think about. Everyday habits, insignificant at first glance, can cause obesity. Try to change them to achieve your principal goal - a healthy body.