Metabolic Surgery Center

Kyiv Clinical Hospital №7 is one of the largest in Ukraine, the metabolic center is equipped with new diagnostic and surgical equipment from world manufacturers. For each patient there is a professional staff around the clock. Bariatric surgeon Andrian Reiti speaks Russian, Ukrainian and English. And also fled Slovak and Hungarian. Always personally monitors the patients condition.

In the metabolic center, patients are ccommodated in separate special planning rooms with specially designed furniture. There are a kitchenette, bathroom, shower, exit to the common corridor. In the room, the patient is under the constant care of a specially appointed doctor. The rooms are equipped with oxygen masks, speed up awakening after anesthesia, and quickly removes its effect.

There is satellite TV, air conditioning, a safe for personal belongings and a relaxed atmosphere. For companions there is a functional sofa . Stomach sleeve resection , as well as other types of bariatric surgery are performed at the Kiev Clinical Hospital №7. Kiev is a European city with an outstanding history. There are two international airports in Kiev "Zhulyany" and "Borispol", which offer direct flights from more than 80 cities in Europe.

Benefits of the Metabolic Surgery Center:

During the rehabilitation period, patient stays in touch 24/7 with doctors, who continuously monitor changes in life processes. A patient is explained all the principles, have to be stuck to while recovering. The crucial doctor’s creed includes empathy and delicacy when communicating with those who suffer.

Why choose us

  • Sleeve Gastrectomy
  • Mini-Gastric Bypass
  • Roux-en-Y (roo-en-wy) Gastric Bypass
  • Biliopancreatic Diversion (SADI, SASI)
  • Gastric Banding

Reoperative REDO Surgery – repeated interventions after failed or poorly effective previous bariatric procedures;

The in-patient department with advanced equipment, oxygen masks and round-the-clock medical care is equipped with special wards for post-anesthesia recovery, referred to as recovery rooms.

Free medical advices given by a surgeon, recommendations for patients for the 2-year period after surgery.

The treatment of obesity takes 3 stages in the Metabolic Surgery Center:

War against obesity and comorbidities starts with a comprehensive lab testing and general medical examination of a patient, medical advice and examination by a surgeon, if necessary – by other practitioners. A medical examination itself is the first step in resolving patient’s health issues.

The next step is weight loss surgery. A patient is provided with psychological support at this stage during preoperative care in the metabolic surgery center.

The third or final stage, which is approached by personnel with extra high responsibility, is body recovery. Each patient stays under a continuous physician’s care. The length of staying in the inpatient department after surgery remains 1 to 3 days depending on patient’s overall health. Drug therapy (with analgesics, anti-inflammatory drugs) is used at the same time in order to relief patient’s being. A patient is encouraged to move. First steps are made by a patient just few hours after surgery. It is closely monitored by a nutritionist, who builds a diet pattern for a new lifestyle.

Why are we the best in treating obesity?

“We offer a comprehensive obesity treatment system with the use of bariatric surgery, nutrition, psychotherapy”.

Andrian Reiti, surgeon at Central Metabolic Surgery

The Center for Metabolic Surgery is the only clinic in Ukraine that works with a laparoscopic rack with 4k-systematic imaging. This guarantees high effectiveness and low trauma during operation.

During bariatric surgery, special anesthesia is used with a formula developed for obese patients and concomitant diagnoses.

An internship in bariatric surgery clinics in Israel, the USA and Europe is a must for the center's surgeons.

We deal with patients of any complexity. We save the lives of people whom other doctors refuse to operate on. For example, the Center's surgeons used gastric surgery to help a patient from Lviv with an initial weight of 250 kg and a body mass index over 82 kg / m2 lose 140 kg.

We have our own modern diagnostic base, buildings and rooms with repairs.