Bariatrics - an effective treatment for obesity and related diseases.
Fast guaranteed result, lasting effect for many years.

To improve the quality of life and health of the patient is the main task of the Center for Metabolic Surgery. Since 2019 our team has been helping to solve obesity problems effectively. We use modern and reliable methods of bariatric treatment, prefer to the least traumatic laparoscopic intervention. The specific treatment option for each patient is selected individually. By strictly following the postoperative recommendations, you are guaranteed to be able to reduce weight and avoid the “boomerang effect”, get rid of concomitant diseases or significantly alleviate their manifestations.

The medical staff of the Center uses modern equipment of a leading world brands for diagnostics and operations. We have a 4K imaging stand that provides ultra-clear laparoscopy. Obesity treatment in Kiev is carried out on the territory of renovated modern and comfortable hospital in Ukraine: Clinical Hospital No. 7.

Do you really need surgery?

We take care of a comfortable stay in the postoperative period for patients.

The equipment of individual wards is thought out to the smallest detail for your comfort: comfortable layout, specially designed furniture. There is a mini-kitchen, a bathroom with a shower, air conditioning and a TV, WI-FI, a safe for a personal belongings. Oxygen masks are placed in each ward, which speed up recovery after anesthesia.

At the Patient Center, a team of qualified specialists provide around the clock care. The medical staff undergoes training and certification in international organizations. In order to offer you the most effective and safe methods we constantly monitor the trends in bariatric surgery. Our support lasts even after discharge: the specialists will help you to form and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

From the first consultation, each patient is led by a bariatric surgeon - Ph.D. Andrian Ostapovich Reyty. The doctor has been successfully operating for more than 13 years, he is an organizer and lecturer at scientific conferences, is a member of the International Federation of Obesity Surgery (IFSO) and World Obesity Federation(WOF). Thanks to topical internship abroad, including in bariatrics and laparoscopy, Andrian Reyty constantly monitors and implements the most progressive and effective methods of obesity treatment. He speaks fluently in Ukrainian, Russian, communicates in English,Hungarian and Slovak.

Bariatrics - surgical treatment of obesity.

All obesity surgery is based on two principles-the first is the restriction of food portions. Bariatric surgery is an intervention in the digestive system that reduces the volume of the stomach in order to reduce and prevent weight comeback. As a result, the patient feels full when he eats several times but less. The second principle on which obesity surgery is built is to limit calorie absorption. Operations where this method is used are called shunting. .Patient lose extra pounds successfully, as the weight approaches to the norm, the patient feels relief or full recovery occurs with concomitant obesity diseases.

Why overweight needs to be treated.

Obesity is not an aesthetic problem: it is a recurrent chronic disease. According to WHO statistics, in 2016, at least 1.9 billion adults in the world faced overweight or obesity. The most common cause is an violation between calories and energy expenditure. People eat too much food, which contains a lot of fat and energy, and exercise little.

Weight gain leads to deterioration in quality of life. There is psychological discomfort, difficulties in relationship with the opposite sex. Abnormal body fat can interfere with conceptio and cause physical limitations. At the same time, overweight provokes the development of diseases of the cardiovascular system, the musculoskeletal system, dyspnea, fatigue, apnea, type II diabetes, and an increased risk of oncology. When non-surgical methods fail, bariatric obesity treatment at our Center will help you solve the problem and achieve a lasting results.

Bariatrics in the world and in Ukraine.

The first surgery on the stomach for weight loss dates back to 1954. In 1993, the first laparoscopic intervention took place: the procedure was performed through small holes. This decision made the rehabilitation period shorter and easier, to avoid most of the complications that take about classical surgery. Over the past 15 years, this method of obesity treatment has become more in demand: the number of operations performed for the 2019 in 61 countries of the world counts to more than 833 thousand.

Thanks to the guaranteed effect and short recovery period, metabolic surgery is popular in Ukraine as well. Our obesity treatment center received 51 patients in 2019, and the number of visits is growing every year. We use the most modern and effective surgical methods: restrictive procedures or restrictive and impaired absorption, which include:

intragastric balloons to reduce body weight

gastric band

longitudinal (or sleeve) gastric resection

gastric bypass surgery

biliopancreatic shunting

mini gastric bypass



Revision operation

Who can be recommended for bariatric surgery?

Operations in our Center are carried out according to indications. To determine the need for bariatric medicine and personal selection of the treatment method, you will be invited for a consultation with a surgeon and narrow specialists. It will be necessary to pass some tests, to clarify the absence of contraindications for surgery.

Bariatrics can be recommended for patients with a body mass index (BMI) of 35 or more, as well as for those with a BMI of 30 or more in the presence of one of the disease related with excess weight. The influence on a decision will be done by the type of obesity, features of the body structure, characteristic of some ethnic groups.

Do you really need surgery?

Contraindications - in what cases the operation will have to be abandoned.

Proven effect and guarantees in results.

Bariatric surgery will make it possible to get rid of 10 or more extra pounds already in the first month after the operation and to reduce weight by at least 35 kg per year. Research results confirm: in the first two years after bariatric surgery, loss of excess weight will be from 30-50% with gastric banding to 60-70% with gastric bypass.

Decreasing your BMI will help you fight comorbidities, from symptom relief to complete recovery. For example, bariatric surgery is officially approved by the International Diabetes Federation as a treatment for type II diabetes.

An important condition for the result will be to follow the recommendations of the Center's experts. We help patients to cope with the difficulties of lifestyle changes, we support, we motivate. We regularly receive positive reviews - the best confirmation of the effective treatment.

Guaranteed result

Быстрый эффект

Minimally invasive laparoscopic method of surgical interventions, shorter rehabilitation period, no scars, the ability to return to work quickly

Long-lasting effect and no recurrences when following the recommends

Andrian Reitis` comment

PhD in Medicine,
Chief Surgeon of the Center for Metabolic Surgery

Bariatric obesity treatment is often a cause for concern, and a lack of accurate information leads to myths about the procedure.

When will external changes be noticed? Will the excess weight come back? What will happen to the hair? What are the risks of the procedure itself and the anesthesia?

It is natural for the patient to worry before the operation. But fears and worries are easy to overcome: in our Center you can and should ask the surgeon all the troubling questions and get comprehensive tips.

Each patient is individual, so the timing of the external changes that you expect for may be different. But within a few months, weight loss will be noticed, you just need to be patient and continue to follow the recommendations. And to minimize the risk of re-weight gain, it is enough to follow the diet and physical activity.

Potentially hair loss can indeed be caused by stress and exhaustion. If this happens, you should not worry - the process is temporary.

For the best effect from the operation, we take proper preparations, which we tell about in details to each patient. This will make it possible to avoid postoperative problems. In most cases, a minimally invasive method of intervention is used with quick and easy further rehabilitation.

Solution steps to affort obesity: how we work.

Patient care is our priority.

The medical staff of the Center will accompany you from the moment of the first visit to the clinic for a consultation. Before, during and after surgery, our patients receive advice and support from a team of specialists on their way to reducing weight and improving health. We will make sure that your stay at the Center is comfortable, and the results start to please you as soon as possible. Detailed recommendations about the diet, regular physical activity after the operation will help to form a new way of life. Surgeon, endocrinologist, nutritionist, psychologist are ready to answer any question.

How to avoid iteration of the problem.

The basic for the success is your will to change and have a healthy lifestyle.A balanced diet, to avoid overeating and being physically active should become a habit. You may need to take complexes of vitamins and minerals as directed by a doctor.

Take a step towards health, improve your quality of life, to get rid of the limitations associated with being overweight. Sign up for a consultation.

In order to get a medical advice, you have to call the Center, or fill out a form on the website. We will call you back and set the most convenient date for an appointment, considering the schedule of the chief surgeon. The surgeon of the Metabolic Surgery Center - Andrian Ostapovych Reiti consults and performs procedures personally.

The first consultation can be carried out both with a patient physically present in the clinic and online. You don’t need to have medical test results on hands when consulting with a doctor: all diagnostic procedures will be made in the Metabolic Surgery Center according to medical prescriptions.

The cost of weight loss surgery in the Metabolic Surgery Center is 30% lower than prices in clinics of identic specialization. A patient additionally gets free medical advices and follow-up by a surgeon for 2 years after the procedure and recovery. The crew of the Metabolic Surgery Center travels all the way to health and trim body together with you.

The Metabolic Surgery Center is a simple solution of a thorny issue of obesity and prevention of comorbidities that precede these diseases.

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