The unique FitForMe formula helps bariatric patients every day. A tailored, one-a-day multivitamin gives patients all the vitamins and minerals their bodies need... for the rest of their lives.

Our team consists of professional dieticians and product specialists. We now work in more than 29 countries all over the world with dedicated weight loss surgery specialists and teams of local dieticians. Our compliance program provides bariatric patients with personal support in the daily use of FitForMe capsules or chewable tablets. Patients receive expert advice, a listening ear, and useful tips about the use of our unique supplements.

The health of bariatric patients is our key priority. At FitForMe, your patients get the very best personalized service and a product scientifically proven to reduce the risk of vitamin and mineral deficiencies. The composition of our multivitamins is tailored to each patients’ surgery type.

Weight Loss Surgery Multivitamins

We support bariatric patients with scientifically proven supplements to reduce the risk of nutritional deficiencies. Our goal is to deliver solutions that increase adherence and reduce the risk of nutritional deficiencies.

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