Rehabilitation of patients after bariatric surgery, performed in the Metabolic Surgery Center, gives excellent long-term results for maintaining normal body weight and overall health.

Rehabilitation period after bariatric surgery

In the Kyiv Metabolic Surgery Center, rehabilitation starts with the first day after bariatric procedures of all types and involves two principal periods: early and late. The team of our doctors is permanently staying in touch with patients: while staying in the inpatient department, after discharge, when recovery and adaptation takes place, and later, during whole patient’s life.

The rehabilitation period typically lasts one week (up to 10 days in some cases). An average stay in the inpatient department lasts 2-3 days.

Features of the inpatient period:

The team cares not only about the quality of medical services provided, but also about the comfortable environment for a stay in the clinic. Single VIP wards with all conveniences, kitchenette and an extra bed for attendants are available to you, as well as cozy semiprivate and triple wards. The last option is commonly chosen by extroverts, as well as patients, who need emotional support not only from healthcare professionals and relatives, but also from colleagues in the disease. Oftentimes, patients start making friendship and they keep on communicating after discharge from the inpatient department.

The in-home rehabilitation period starts at the time of discharge from the inpatient department.

Features of the inpatient period:

уменьшение желудка при ожирении
бариатрическая хирургия клинические рекомендации
уменьшение желудка фото до и после
ожирение к какому врачу обратиться

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