Pros and Cons of Weight Loss Surgery

Excess weight was disturbing people for centuries, but over the past few decades, we have been tracing an overblown epidemic. The reason is a sedentary lifestyle, as a variety of sedentary jobs emerged, cars have become more affordable, and life is generally more comfortable. A great number of obese people are unable to lose weight by own efforts, and the best solution, in this case, is bariatric surgery reducing the stomach capacity.

The point of bariatrics includes two aspects: reduction of the stomach capacity in order to consume small portions and intestinal absorption decrease. To achieve decreased absorption surgeons “turn off” a part of the intestine and then it would seem – it’s possible to eat a lot without any risks of gaining weight, but the body cannot be outwitted. Therefore, the third type of surgery exists, which combines these two concepts. An example is gastric bypass surgery, when a surgeon reduces the stomach capacity and removes the small intestine. Common types of obesity treatment:

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Indications for bariatric surgery

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Pros of the technique

  1. Health improvement

Bariatrics is typically prescribed for obese people in order to treat diseases provoked by excess body weight: heart diseases, hypertension, sleep apnea and other breathing disorders, acid reflux, infertility, arthritis of large joints, atherosclerosis, etc.

  1. High effectiveness

The first 6-12 months after weight loss surgery a patient rapidly loses kilos without sports and exhausting diets. Endocrine profile recovery can be traced that helps to lose weight effectively and maintain the desired weight while achieving a goal.

 The depression caused by dissatisfaction with own body and inability to lose weight by means of diets, exercises and medication fades away.

  1. Quick discharge from a hospital and simple rehabilitation

One or two days after the surgical procedure, You can come back home. The postoperative state is so stable that a patient can walk without extra discomfort and sharp pain. In case of bariatric surgery in Kyiv, You can take a quiet walk through the capital of Ukraine.

  1. Severe pain is missing

Pain after surgery is slight. A laparoscopic technique is used: a surgeon operates through several punctures on the anterior abdominal wall. As opposed to sutures during laparotomy, punctures heal quickly and typically don’t bother postoperative patients.

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Cons of bariatrics

  1. A guarantee is not 100%

None of bariatric surgical procedures 100% guarantees that kilos, lost during the first months, will never return. According to statistics, 10-15% of obese patients demand reoperation.

It may depend on a surgeon, his/her experience and professionalism. Another reason for an unsatisfactory outcome or its absence is metabolic disorders.

  1. Risks

Any surgery aiming at treating diseases or correcting aesthetic problems (plastic surgery) puts human health and life at risk. Complications of bariatric surgery are varying:

  • Gastric and intestinal suture breakage;
  • Fistula or abscess;
  • Bleeding;
  • Thromboembolism;
  • Wound abscesses, etc.
  1. Responsibility avoidance

Some patients set all their hopes and shift the responsibility for treatment on a surgeon. But it is worth remembering that it’s only the initial attitude on the way to a healthy and lean body.

The person who underwent surgery has got a responsible and challenging work ahead of him/her: creating new eating habits, integration of physical activity into life and taking care of own body. Therefore, before weight loss surgery, a patient should be motivated to further lose weight by own efforts.

Patients receive rehabilitation support in our Metabolic Surgery Center in Kyiv: we are not only monitoring the postoperative state of a patient, but also planning the further diet in detail, providing advices and replying to any possible questions.

  1. The high cost of bariatric surgery

Nowadays this type of surgery turns out to be one of the most expensive. A great number of disposable materials are utilized during the surgical intervention, as well as high-tech instruments from world-class manufacturers.