Outcomes after Gastric Banding for Weight Loss

Owing to the progress of bariatric surgery in all countries, including Ukraine, people suffering from excess weight got a chance to get rid of hateful kilos forever. Thus don’t despair if diet, sport and medication are ineffective. Other ways to loss weight exist in modern medicine, and laparoscopic gastric banding is one of them. A surgeon places the ring on the stomach, dividing it into two sections – small and large ones. When a person eats, food quickly fills the upper 50 ml part of the organ, where satiety receptors are located. There is no physical way to consume a large portion. A patient consumes less calories and, consequently, starts losing extra kilos.

операция бандажирования желудка

Benefits of gastric banding

Gastric banding consequences

Initially, this type of bariatrics was well-loved by surgeons, as the operation is technically simple. But with the passage of time the cons of gastric banding overweighed all pros, thus nowadays doctors prefer other types of treatment:

The service of placing the ring for weight loss remains popular in Australia, in other countries it has receded into the background, remaining one of the stages in the evolution of bariatric surgery.

Why gastric banding is not used for weight loss?

High complication and trouble rate

The ring brings on a great number of complications: the object can strangle the stomach insomuch that the upper part starts to “fall off” from the lower one; gastric band erosion, perforated ulcer or distension of the esophagus arise.

Also, the band can slide down over time, enlarging the upper organ’s part. For this reason, a patient starts consuming increasing amounts of food, gaining weight. If the operated patient chews food poorly, it might get stuck in the narrow lumen of a gastric band, causing pain and heartburn. Two surgical procedures for placement and removal are required. The band material, like any other implant, can trigger an allergy. Surgeons draw attention to a high risk of infectious complications.

Low effectiveness and discomfort

By analyzing the patient feedback on laparoscopic gastric banding, we can conclude that weight loss outcomes are not so effective, as in the case of gastric bypass or sleeve gastrectomy. Patients complain of discomfort provoked by a foreign object in the body, and some of those, operated, require reoperations in order to adjust the band or remove it completely.

Metabolic Surgery Center in Kyiv

If you need help to treat obesity, apply to our Metabolic Surgery Center in Kyiv. Our team is engaged in patient preparation and rehabilitation support, and the Chief Surgeon of our bariatric team, Andrian Reiti, operates on patients.

Generally, the patient’s state enables him/her to turn back home all by himself/herself within 1-2 days after surgery.

Experts of the Center are planning your diet for the period of rehabilitation and after complete healing, deliver recommendations for effective weight loss. Each patient deserves an individual approach in our Clinic – it concerns selecting the type of bariatric surgery, dietary features after it and other factors.

операция бандажирования желудка