Obesity treatment for the cases when the diet is ineffective

The issue, we are going to rise today, concerns everyone who has lost the struggle against excess weight. It happens that a person is sticking to the diet, but still cannot lose weight. It seems that his/her body preserves a latent function, which puts obstacles in the way of losing extra kilos. How to treat obesity and what kind of doctor should you apply to if nothing helps?

Why can’t I lose weight?

Reason 1: You eat little or starve

Eating little or starving doesn’t mean losing weight and treating obesity. If you are too restrictive in your diet, it can slow down metabolism and, consequently, slow down the weight loss rate. Desiring to rapidly lose excess weight, obese people start to exercise intensively and eat less, causing considerable deficiencies in the body.

Providing the body with too insufficient resources trying to get rid of obesity, it decides to reduce, in order to survive, its daily calorie expenditure (basal metabolic rate) for You to keep on living daily life.

To keep Your metabolism fast and active:

Лечение ожирения когда диета не работает

Reason 2: You eat fruits for dinner or low-calorie foods

Dinner will help You to recover and cover the daily energy intake. Therefore, it must be adequate. Having only fruits or fruits with yogurt won’t provide your body with the sufficient amount of nutrients.

Fruits are considered healthy food, essential to our body but if You consume 2-4 for dinner, blood sugar grows excessively and prevents weight loss.

When dinner is low in calories or unbalanced:

Reason 3: You are eating the wrong salads

Keep in Your mind that a salad is a mixture of various vegetables, not just random foods. A salad containing pasta, tuna, cheese and olives is an improper dish, as it excludes vegetables. It should contain lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, cucumber, onions, pepper, asparagus, spinach, beet, etc. Remember that cheese, tuna, olives and sausages will increase the number of calories in your plate.

Reason 4: You eat fat-rich foods on a daily basis

Avocado, nuts and chia seeds hold unique characteristics. In addition to a huge number of vitamins and minerals, healthy fats and fiber, they provide good satiety and, consequently, proper appetite regulation and avoidance of snacks.

If You are seeking weight loss but there’s a habit of eating these foods, keep in mind that they are high in calories and fat as well.

When eating high-fat groceries remember the following:

Bariatric surgery for weight loss

If You can’t lose weight by sticking to a balanced diet and doing regular exercises, it is worth undergoing examination, lab tests and diagnose potential health issues. But what if a person can’t take exercises due to physiological features, or he/she is unable to curb appetite and avoid overeating?

Weight loss surgery is the thing that makes us who we are! Our Clinic provides services of reducing the stomach capacity, thanks to which a patient starts to lose weight step by step without any physical harm.