Obesity treatment at the Andrian Reiti Metabolic Surgery Center

Overweight is a problem for hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians. An obese person has to adapt to everything from such ordinary things as working or driving a car to relationships and positioning one's self in society. However, it is not just about the psychological aspect: being overweight affects health and increases the risk of developing dangerous diseases. The solution is to treat obesity at the Center for Metabolic Surgery.

When you need to see a surgeon?

Obviously, surgery to remove excess weight and other surgical methods to deal with the problem is a last way. How to reveal obesity in time? This is a topical issue, because excess weight accumulates gradually, and very often - unnoticed by human. It happens that she perceives a small excess of weight calmly. However, this attitude only contributes to the further accumulation of extra pounds. The situation is complicated by the fact that part of the fat is invisible because it settles on the internal organs.

The problem needs to be solved in case of the following symptoms:The problem needs to be solved in case of the following symptoms:

With the progress of obesity, sugar and cholesterol levels rise, there is pain in the legs, problems with blood pressure and heart function, urination and defecation are disturbed.

Women and men obesity is a disease. It is caused by excess fat accumulated in tissues, internal organs and subcutaneous tissue. The doctor can make such a diagnosis if the patient's body weight is 20% higher than the established average values.

Degrees of obesity in men and women are calculated equally. The only differences is the accumulation of fat:

What is bariatric surgery

More than 90% of patients suffering from exogenous constitutional obesity. It is caused by overconsumption of calories and inadequate expenditure of them. Symptomatic obesity, mainly caused by endocrine diseases, is a problem for significantly fewer people. Therefore, bariatric surgery predominantly treats obesity triggered by overeating.

Diet, sports, dietary supplements, self-motivation? Approximately 10% of patients manage to lose weight with such methods and keep the result. People with a body mass index ( BMI) in the range of 25-35 have the best chances . Under such conditions, it is possible to fight the feeling of hunger and exercise wholly.

However, when obesity is diagnosed , diet and exercise treatment do not work. Even if the patient manages to lose weight, it is extremely difficult to keep this number. That is why the world has developed bariatric surgery: with its method person can effectively overcome obesity and keep the body mass index in a safe limits.

Obesity surgery is not plastic surgery. People often take for it with liposuction or abdominoplasty. The mentioned surgical interventions are relevant only at the final stage: when it is necessary to correct the figure after getting rid of extra pounds.

Therefore, bariatric surgery is a special category of operations on the gastrointestinal tract. They are aimed at reducing the number of calories a person consumes or its intestine absorbs.

Weight loss after bariatric surgery at the Obesity Surgery Center in Kyiv is stable. Of course, the process is influenced by the psychological attitude of patients and their discipline, because after the operation you need to take prescribed medications, follow a diet and exercise.

Types of bariatric operations

Is it worth doing the operation? If we compare the costs of bariatric surgery and the constant conservative treatment of obesity, it becomes clear that surgery is much more profitable.

There are two types of bariatric surgery:

Among the indicators for bariatric surgery are body mass index over 35 kg / m², a history of diseases that contribute to obesity (type 2 diabetes mellitus, arterial hypertension, etc.).

Obesity treatment at the Andrian Reiti Center of Metabolic Surgery is a modern technique of bariatric surgery. Including:

It is worth noting: the type of operation is chosen by the surgeon, based on body mass index , associated health problems and the wishes of the patient. Bariatric surgery is available to people between the ages of 18 and 60. In some cases, it is possible to perform surgery for older patients (mostly if there are no contraindications).

Preparation for surgery

The full set of necessary preoperative examinations is prescribed by a doctor. In general, before surgery, the patient must obtain the results:

Additionally, examinations by a physician, endocrinologist, gynecologist (for women) may be required. The list can be wider - it is necessary to identify all the diseases that accompany obesity. This way you can avoid complications during the operation as well as during the recovery period.

Features of the operation

For example, you can consider how the operation to reduce the stomach . This bariatric intervention is quite simple for an experienced surgeon. Anatomical changes are minimal. The doctor only removes the distended part of the stomach, which produces the hunger hormone ghrelin, and then forms a tube with a volume of up to 80 ml and a diameter of up to 1.5 cm.

This makes it possible to maintain optimal working conditions for the gastrointestinal tract. Food passes naturally, the intestines work in the same way as before surgery. The patient's concentration of bile acids increases, which leads to increased insulin production. It converts glucose into energy, not fat. In addition, the production of glucagon-like peptide increases, which causes a feeling full. Simply , after surgery, patient can eat less and feell full quickly.

The operations at the Obesity Surgery Center in Kyiv are performed by an experienced bariatric surgeon, Candidate of Medical Sciences Andrian Reiti. The center is equipped with modern and unique in our country laparoscopic equipment. Therefore, the doctor performs surgery on a minimally invasive technique. Resection of the stomach under general anesthesia is performed by a team of doctors in 1-1.5 hours.

The Obesity Surgery Center is a hospital witha comfortable stay in. The length of stay in it depends on the chosen method of surgery. On the first day after resection, patients are allowed to drink and eat liquid food. In most cases, they are discharged on the second day after surgery. Then patients will have a recovery period, during which the staff of the Center will help to achieve and maintain the desired results.

The Center's team has experience of successful operations even in difficult situations - when patients were denied by doctors from other clinics. Bariatric surgery in a Kiev clinic gives everyone the opportunity to take the path of losing weight. This is a chance to solve many psychological and medical problems.