Bariatrics surgery. Surgical obesity treatment.

Obesity has become a real problem in the 21st century. According to research by the Ministry of Health, Ukraine is ahead of many EU countries in the number of people with critically high body weight. According to doctors, obesity is not an aesthetic imperfection, but a chronic recurrent disease. This approach radically changes the views on this issue. Obesity must be treated, and experienced doctors must deal with it.

бариатрическая хирургия

Obesity treatment methods.

Modern medicine offers two ways:

First, it is the therapeutic method that is applied. However, depending on the indications, the doctor may immediately recommend bariatric surgery. Let's take a look through each method in more detail.

Therapeutic treatment of obesity.

This approach assumes an individual selection of diet and exercise planning. The whole process takes place under the regular supervision of a leading physician.

Pros. There is no surgical intervention, new healthy habits appear (eat well, play sports).

Minuses. Such methods of treating obesity are a long-term process associated with the use of special drugs. In some cases, lifelong restrictions are imposed, with each breakdown leading to weight gain.

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Surgical treatment of obesity.

Includes changes in stomach volume or esophageal length. It is performed on a stationary basis in a hospital after collecting an anamnesis and passing all the necessary tests.

Pros. Fast noticeable effect, short recovery period, start of metabolism.

Minuses. Surgical methods for treating obesity are performed under general anesthesia, there are contraindications, the need to take vitamin and mineral complexes all your life.

Bariatric surgery in Ukraine and worldwide

Bariatrics is a set of measures aimed at reducing excess body weight and preventing re-weight again. The popularity of this type of treatment is growing every year in the world: over 15 years, more than 800 thousand operations was conducted in 61 countries. In Ukraine, the number of patients choosing bariatrics is steadily doubles. For example, in 2018, the Center for Metabolic Surgery performed 9 such operations, and in 2019 - already 51. Bariatric surgery is practiced in Kiev, Kharkov and Odessa.

бариатрия желудка

Methods for the treatment of excess weight at the Center for Metabolic Surgery

  1. Intragastric balloons.

Endoscopic treatment of obesity, in which a silicone balloon filled with 400 ml of solution is placed in to the stomach. Due to the pressure on the stomach walls, the patient feels satiated earlier. However, over time, the body gets used to the balloon, and the therapeutic effect decreases. Therefore, this method is not recommended for longer than 6 months. On average, they lose about 15 kg with a balloon. Sometimes such an intervention is recommended before the main surgery, because each lost kilogram of fat improves the final prognosis of bariatric surgery.

  1. Gastric band.

Placement of a cuff on the upper part of the stomach, which reduces its volume and physically limits the amount of food eaten. If necessary, liquid is injected into the cuff from time to time to take up more space.

  1. Longitudinal, or sleeve, resection.

The most popular surgery in the world. It is simple, effective and quite gentle, long-lasting. That is the removal of the stretched part of the stomach, which practically does not violate the anatomy of the gastrointestinal tract. However, if you do not follow the recommendations of your doctor, there is a risk that after 3-5 years the stomach may stretch again.

  1. Gastric bypass.

One of the most effective operation in terms to loss weight. There are several types: mini gastric bypass, Roux-en-Y, SADI Single Anastomosis Duodeno Ileal bypass. Includes changes in the anatomy of the GI tract, such as removing a portion of the intestine or connecting the stomach to the small intestine with a single anastomosis. Such operations effectively treat obesity and diabetes, however, they require the patient to constantly take vitamin-mineral complexes and monitor the level of protein in the blood, otherwise weight loss may become excessive.

  1. Biliopancreatic shunting.

The method in which the most aggressive weight loss is observed , however along with such a positive effect it often determines a critical lack of products necessary for normal life, in particular proteins, what requires re-operation.

Indications and contraindications for surgery.

Indications are determined on the basis of psychological profile data, laboratory tests, instrumental research methods (ultrasound, gastroscopy).

Contraindications include:

  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • presence of oncological disease;
  • tuberculosis;
  • renal, liver failure;
  • type I diabetes.

Postoperative period.

Surgical treatment of obesity should be chosen, also for its short recovery period. Yet 2 hours after the operation, the patient needs to drink by small sips. Frequent separate drinking effectively replaces drips, because the rate of fluid intake is comfortable for the heart. Plus water that is absorbed naturally through the intestines , immediately starts metabolic processes.

Almost immediately, along with sip drinking, the patient is recommended fractional absorption of food (from the English SIP - to drink in small sips), food whish is rich in proteins. For example, it can be special medicinal mixtures or food chopped in a blender. Aghere this regime for at least in a 2 week, after which a gradual transition to a regular table is shown.

On the second day after the operation, the patient is discharged. There are no further restrictions on activity.

желудок операция

The effectiveness of surgical treatment of obesity.

Depending on the type of operation performed and the initial indicators, on average per month, patients lose weight by about 10 kg, for a year this figure can be about or more than 35 kg. Metabolism improves, blood pressure normalizes, concomitant diseases of joints and internal organs caused by overweight disapear.

Give yourself to a new healthy life and a constant feeling of lightness throughout the body! Sign up for a consultation today.

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