Bariatric Surgery: Types of Procedures

Obesity is a disease that may occur at any age. A sedentary lifestyle, binge eating and other health issues have led to an overblown epidemic in the twenty-first century. People, unable of getting rid of kilos unaided, can use bariatric surgery, or, to be more exact – undergo the weight loss surgery procedure.

Weight loss surgery is not liposuction or abdominoplasty, which removes esthetic outcomes of an issue. In bariatrics, doctors deal with organs of the digestive system, their aim is to terminate obesity progression, help a patient to lose weight, and get rid of comorbidities.

после операции по уменьшению желудка

Bariatric surgeons work towards three goals:

  1. They reduce the capacity of a stomach top region, so that a patient starts sensing satiety rapidly and cannot down large portions. Examples: placement of an intragastric balloon, gastric banding.
  2. They reduce food absorption, for example, as a part of the biliopancreatic diversion.
  3. They performed combined operations for reducing stomach capacity surgically and absorption. An example: gastric bypass surgery.

More about the types of bariatric surgery

уменьшение желудка хирургическим путем
уменьшение желудка хирургическим путем

Intragastric balloon placement

Orally, using the endoscope, a surgeon places a deflated silicone balloon, filled with the harmless fluid. A patient is physically unable to eat large portions since.

The technique is used for any type of obesity, including morbid obesity, as a preparation for the reduction of stomach capacity surgically.

Duration: up to 30 min.



Sleeve gastrectomy

As a part of bariatric surgery the distended side part of the organ, producing ghrelin, the “hunger hormone” in other words, is removed. A tube, 11.5 cm in diameter and a volume of 60-80 ml, is formed. It is used for the treatment of morbid obesity in case of a life-threatening BMI > 40 kg/m2, and helps to get rid of its complications.

Duration: 1-2.5 hours.



Gastric bypass

This type of weight loss surgery is a combined approach – reducing the size of the organ and food absorption.

A bariatric surgeon forms the stomach of up to 30 ml in capacity and connects it with the middle part of the small bowel. The other large part of the organ, duodenum and the part of the small bowel still remain since, but no longer participate in digestion. For this reason, a patient eats less and food is absorbed less.

Duration: 2-4 hours.



Gastric banding

This technique of reducing stomach capacity for weight loss is easy to perform, which is the reason bariatric surgeons fell in love with it all at once, although it leads to multiple complications as well. Nowadays, gastric banding is mostly performed in Australia, in other countries other types of bariatric surgery are preferred.

During the operation, the ring is placed on the stomach, dividing it into two parts. When a person eats, the upper part of the organ, approximately 50 ml in volume, fills up instantly; the sensation of satiety is experienced.

Duration: 30-40 min.



Bariatric surgery in Kyiv

You can have a thorough medical check, diagnose obesity and get a medical advice from an experienced bariatric surgeon in our Metabolic Surgery Center. Andrian Reiti, Chief Surgeon at Metabolic Surgery Center, operates on patients.

результат уменьшения желудка