Gastric Bypass are the golden standard in the treatment for overweight

Gastric Bypass will help to get a long-lasting effect in the war on obesity and overweight-provoking health issues. The technique has been used in Bariatrics since 1966 and enables to achieve excellent outcomes.

During the surgical procedure, the doctor changes the way the food travels while being digested. The “small” stomach with the volume of less than 30 ml is formed firstly, connected directly to the small bowel via a special anastomosis. The principle part of the stomach, duodenum and small bowel section won’t be removed, although will be excluded from the digestive process. Gastric acid secretion takes place in the so called “big” stomach. Via another anastomosis, this part is connected to the small bowel, where bile and pancreatic enzymes are ending up.

Results of the technique

Gastric Bypass will help to get a double effect. Due to the reduction of the stomach volume, a patient senses satiation when consuming small portions of food. Nutrient absorption, including lipids, is also reduced. Thus it reduces by several times the amount of food consumed without any discomfort or hunger.

Assured effectiveness of Gastric Bypass

An experienced surgeon Andrian Reiti, an expert in Bariatrics, performs surgery. The doctor uses time-honored treatment techniques and successfully performs complex laparoscopic surgery. The Metabolic Surgery Center is equipped with up-to-date equipment and whatever is required for comfortable stay in the inpatient department after surgery.

Highly qualified clinic personnel are ready to provide the necessary assistance or medical advices at any time. We support postdischarge patients and develop personal recommendations. At the same time, we explain that individual efforts of those seeking to lose weight are the basis for achieving the stable result and avoiding boomerang effect.

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Andrian Reitis` comment

PhD in Medicine,
Chief Surgeon of the Center for Metabolic Surgery

Rapid weight loss is expected in a patient in the first few weeks. During this period, the human body receives energy from muscles, thus in case of weight loss, they reduce in weight as well. When a person gets back to normal active life implicating moderate physical activity, muscular mass starts increasing gradually. And then the human body starts utilizing adipose depots as a source of energy, and a patient receives stable weigh loss.

Who is recommended Gastric Bypass?

The technique is suitable for patients with the BMI of 50 kg/m2 and higher (in case of comorbidities). It’s also preferred in case of gastroesophageal reflux disease, involving heartburn as one of its most unpleasant symptoms.


Proper preparation for surgery

Complete blood count, lipid and metabolic panel are necessary to be made and glucose level to be checked in our Center or any other lab. Echocardiography and upper GI endoscopy are also required. Gastric Bypass is performed on an empty stomach.

Postoperative period

After recovering from anesthesia it’s critical to sip water. Only liquid food is allowed during the first postoperative week, liquid puree may be added on the 8th day, since the third week – return to usual diet. Motion activity should be renewed after the recovery period as prescribed by the doctor.

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What kind of limitations and complications may a patient face?

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