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These are the reasons why we are the best in obesity treatment

“We offer the comprehensive system for the treatment of obesity using bariatric surgery, nutrition science and psychotherapy”

Andrian Reiti, surgeon at the Metabolic Surgery Center

The metabolic Surgery Center is the only clinic in Ukraine that handles a laparoscopic rack supporting 4K dimension. It ensures a high effectiveness and minimal invasiveness when performing surgery.
Specific anesthesia with the formula designed exceptionally for obese patients with comorbidities is applied during weight loss surgery.
Internships in bariatric surgery centers in Israel, USA and Europe are mandatory for surgeons of our center.
We have our own up-to-date diagnostic facility, separate buildings and rebuilt wards.
We deal with patients of any fatness. We save patients’ lives, when other doctors reject to help them. For example, surgeons of the center performed gastric surgery to help the patient from Lviv with an initial weight coming to 250 kg and the body mass index over 82 kg/m2 lose 140 kg.

Andrian Ostapovych Reiti

PhD in Medical Science

The doctor is self-improving, continuously studying and undergoing internships in foreign medical institutions, solidifying knowledge by passing exams.

Customer feedback

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After three childbirths I gained weight extremely and wasted a lot of money on doctors and lab tests. Everything was for nothing until I met Andrian Ostapovych. He is the one who succeeded in explaining what’s happening to me, and proposed a solution for my health issue.
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After getting medical advices from Andrian Ostapovych, I realized that the doctor is really interested in handling of my health issue, not in making money. I’m grateful for the procedure and follow-up after.
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A wonderful attentive doctor Andrian Ostapovych described in detail all the pros and cons of surgery, all the existing risks and how to reduce them. And the main thing – he helped to determine aims and objectives concerning the procedure and understand – what kind of outcome do I need.

Our doctors

Victoriia Serhiivna Tertychna
Bariatric Surgeon, Dietitian, Nutritionist
Ihor Petrovych Haidachuk
Anesthesiologist, Intensivist
Vitalii Mykolaiovych Melnychuk
Andrii Oleksandrovych Kurmanskyi

The treatment of obesity takes 3 stages in the Metabolic Surgery Center:

War against obesity and comorbidities starts with a comprehensive lab testing and general medical examination of a patient, medical advice and examination by a surgeon, if necessary – by other practitioners. A medical examination itself is the first step in resolving patient’s health issues.

The next step is weight loss surgery. A patient is provided with psychological support at this stage during preoperative care in the metabolic surgery center.

The third or final stage, which is approached by personnel with extra high responsibility, is body recovery. Each patient stays under a continuous physician’s care. The length of staying in the inpatient department after surgery remains 1 to 3 days depending on patient’s overall health. Drug therapy (with analgesics, anti-inflammatory drugs) is used at the same time in order to relief patient’s being. A patient is encouraged to move. First steps are made by a patient just few hours after surgery. It is closely monitored by a nutritionist, who builds a diet pattern for a new lifestyle.